Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

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1991/Apr Alpha Corporation Inc. was established in Kyoto.
1991/Sep Initiated home nursing care collaborating with obstetrician hospital as the first in Japan.
Began child caring in hospital.
1991/Nov Began baby-sitting-service in several famous hotels.
1994/Jul Opened "Kid's Square Kyoto Hotel".
1994/Dec Home child care service supported by Ministry of Welfare was launched.
1995/Mar The central center of "Kid's Square" was established.
Children's World in USA was connected.
1996/Mar Opened "Kid's Square Imperial Hotel Osaka".
1997/Mar Opened "Kid's Square Herbis Osaka".
1997/Aug Opened "Kid's Square Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama".
1998/May Launched "Nanny school".
1999/Feb Opened Tokyo Head Office.
2000/Mar Opened "Kid's Square Quest Mosaic Mall Kohoku".
2000/Jun Opened "Kid's Square Tokyo Dome Hotel".
2000/Aug Opened "Kid's Square Jiyugaoka".
2000/Sep Opened "Kid's Square Quest Saitama Super Arena".
2001/Sep Launched wooden toys business.
2002/Dec Opened "Kid's Square Ark Hills".
2003/Aug Opened "Kid's Square Roppongi Hills".
2004/Nov Opened "Kid's Square Quest Lalaport Koshien".
2005/Apr Opened "Kid's Square JR Nagaokakyo".
2005/Nov Opened "Kid's Square Marunouchi Tokyo Building".
2008/Jul Opened "Kid's Square Fukuoka Tenjin-minami".
2010/Sep Opened "Kid's Square Nagatacho".
2010/Sep Opened "Kid's Square Ginza Mitsukoshi".
2011/Jul Opened "Kid's Square Ariake Central Tower".
2012/Apr Opened "Kid's Square Marunouchi-Eiraku-Building".
2013/Mar Opened "Kid's Square Nakanoshima Festival Tower".
2013/Apr Opened "Kid's Square Tokyo Square Garden".
2014/Apr Opened "Crea Nursery Shin-yurigaoka".
2014/Apr Opened "Crea Nursery Senjuohashi".
2015/Apr Opened "Crea Nursery Adachi-sakuraen".
2015/Apr Opened "Crea Nursery Miyamaedaira".
2015/Apr Opened "Crea Nursery Mukogaoka-yuen".
2016/Oct Opened "Crea Nursery Ichigaya".
2017/Apr Opened "Kid's Square JR Gate Tower Nagoya".
Wooden Toys