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Something for Tomorrow

An environment to surround children and the need in the childcare and education has reached the age of diversification, the increase of working women and father's childcare participation is on the conscious rise. However, "Healthy growth" for which all guardians' hope the child may become a well-rounded individual that is ready to face the future.
The "Individual" is becoming a very important part of society in this age. Even with the help of guardians.
We can make a positive impression on children that will leave a smile on their faces. We will provide high quality childcare and education which can be trusted and keep being a solution provider in this field, which is realized with our social mission.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Hidemi Sakamoto


We provide the following that help "healthy growth of children",
"social prosperity", and "prosperity of employees and families".

●The substantial childcare and early educational programs
●Esteem of child's individuality and promotion of creativity with help from our staff members
●Improvement in the staff quality by education and equalization
●Thorough consideration of safety and security
●Innovative center environment

We strive to provide work/life solution through the highest-quality childcare
and education.

●Support families through strong partnerships.
●Collaborate with employers to build family-friendly workplaces.
●Create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth, and diversity.

Respecting communication with the guardian, we have the capability
which makes excellent progress in children's growth and open the door to a hopeful future.

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