Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

Baby Sitter ServiaceDiscount System

■What is the Discount coupon of child caring at your home?

It is the public support system which you can receive \1.500 off for one day, when you use a baby-sitter. The government pays some of your fee. In order to make a good society for women to work, and use the child care service frequently.

Who can use the coupon?

1.The employee of the company that joins the welfare pension.
2.The employee of the organization that joins a mutual society.
 The mutual society for teachers of a private school.
 The mutual society for staff of agriculture, forestry, and fishery union.
 The mutual society for regional officials.
 The mutual society for employees of the Government.
 *The target age of child care is babies and infants〜the lower grades of the elementary school.

The way to get the coupon.

・Support union : Foundation KODOMO-MIRAI-ZAIDAN(The Ministry of Health and Welfare.)
・Target of the support : The entrepreneur(Employee)
・The entrepreneur make an agreement with Corporation All-japan Baby-sitter Association.(ABA)
・Use the coupon for the baby-sitter company

When can we use the coupon?

When guardians want to use a baby-sitter because of working.
*Not only having a baby sitter at home but also picking up and taking.
*When nanny takes a day off unexpectedly.
For the details, please ask ABA.
*In the case of using the child care center, the coupon cannot be used.

How to use?

.Check these points.

Is your company the target of the support?
・Has your company made an agreement with ABA?
*We are able to visit and explain about the system.
You exchange contracts or apply to use the baby-sitter.
Your employer will give the coupon to you.
When you use a baby- sitter, you can use one coupon for one day, and you can get \1.500 off. (In the case the fee for one day is less than \1.500, you cannot use the coupon.)

Application and inquiry
●Corporation All-japan Baby-sitter Association.(ABA)
5-53-1 Jingu-mae shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 150-0001 TEL:03-5550-9460
3-11-18 Ginza shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 104-0061 TEL:03-5550-9460