Child Care Center & Baby Sitting

Baby Sitter Serviace Price List

  • There are two, being a member or a visitor. Members will get premiums as follows:
  • 1. Counselling
  •   We can introduce the most suitable Alpha-nanny for you based on the counseling in advance.
  • 2. Monitoring
  •   Clients may be asked to evaluate Alpha-nannies. Based on this evaluation,
      it is possible to change Alpha-nannies according to your request.
  • 3. You can use day care center "Kid's square" all over Japan as a member.
  • 4. lovely birthday card for your child is delivered annually.
  • 5. Consultation about childcare is available free of charge.
ALPHA Premier Club
Par Family (Tax not included)
Entrance Fee ¥100,000
Anual Membership Fee ¥10,000
The fees below are for baby sitting service in client's home.

*Minimum 3Hrs.add30Min〜.

■Basic Charge/Per Child,30min  (tax not included)

All Time  \2,100    ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF

■Supplemental Fee/Per Child,30min  (tax not included)

7:00〜9:00/18:00〜22:00   \375    ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF
22:00〜7:00   \750    ALPHA Premier Club Member 20%OFF

■Bathing (Per time/per child) (tax not included)

All Time  \1,750  ALPHA Premier Club Member \1,400

■Travel allowance (tax not included)

8:00〜22:00   \3,000
7:00〜8:00/22:00〜23:00   \5,000
23:00〜7:00  \10,000
  • 1. Please pay actual travel expense to the nanny on the day. If you would like to pay it afterwards,
     we will apply travel allowance conforming to our regulation regardless of the actual amount and charge it in the invoice.
  • 2. Visitors and corporate member must pay by cash on the day.
  • 3. Additional charge (+25%) will be applied on New year(Dec/29〜Jan/3)/Golden Week/Bon holidays  (Aug/13〜16).
  • 4. In case of sibling use, half price will be reduced from second child basic charge.   (Booking time only)
  • 5. We may not accept over night service according to staff availability.
Reservation and cancellation

Please make a reservation 3 days before by telephone or fax. In the cases below, you will be charged a handling fee.

tax not included 1 day before Autual day
Order charge \2,000


Amendment fee (1 hour and over) \1,000 \2,000
Cancellation fee 50 100
  • *When you make a reservation or cancellation during non business hours and after business hours, the treatment should be applied as next working day.
  • *Corporate member conforms to respective contract.
Application and inquiry